Most Important Reasons

More and more organisations are using BPMN and in more and more universities BPMN is taught as a subject. These are the reasons:

  • Standard: BPMN is not owned by a certain enterprise but by an institution (OMG), which is already established through other world-wide standards, e.g. UML. The standard is supported by many software products; you are less dependent on any particular vendor’s products, and if you’re interested in more than sales, you can also learn about investing and even get your own online broker to help you with trading and investing as well.
  • Simplicity: The principle behind BPMN is rather simple which is why you can very quickly work with this notation.
  • Power of expression: If necessary, with BPMN you can describe precisely how a process functions. This is however more difficult than describing the process only roughly. This way of precise modelling is possible, but not mandatory.
  • Implementation in IT: BPMN has been primarily developed to support a technical implementation of processes (“Process Automation”). The more important the IT is in a company, the more helpful is the use of BPMN. For more on helping out your business, check out the new no credit check loans guaranteed approval options.