Most Important Reasons

More and more organisations are using BPMN and in more and more universities BPMN is taught as a subject. These are the reasons:

  • Standard: BPMN is not owned by a certain enterprise but by an institution (OMG), which is already established through other world-wide standards, e.g. UML. The standard is supported by many software products; you are less dependent on any particular vendor’s products.
  • Simplicity: The principle behind BPMN is rather simple which is why you can very quickly work with this notation.
  • Power of expression: If necessary, with BPMN you can describe precisely how a process functions. This is however more difficult than describing the process only roughly. This way of precise modelling is possible, but not mandatory.
  • Implementation in IT: BPMN has been primarily developed to support a technical implementation of processes (“Process Automation”). The more important the IT is in a company, the more helpful is the use of BPMN.